the angora goats

We have two young angora goats , Billy and Betsy,  at the Knitwit Stable .

These goats are now more than one year old and both have provided magnificent (kid)mohair twice in the past year. With the mohair of these goats we are developing yarns.  see ‘projects’.

In the 13th century AD the goats were transferred by Turkish invasions to the upper regions of Asia Minor, to the center of the city of Angora, Ankara. Hence the name angora.

There are approximately seven million angora goats worldwide. Most live in South Africa (60%), followed by the US (Texas) and Turkey.

In the Netherlands about forty people keep angora goats, including the Knitwit Stable.

I (Reina) consider mohair as one of the finest wools there is. It has a nice luster, is fantasticly hairy, has a huge elastic recovery, is super light and very durable.