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Sheep, goats, and yarn

In a world where natural resources and commodities are becoming ever more scarce, wool stands out as a unique renewable material. It can be used as isolation, is easy to recycle, regulates our body temperature, is anti-bacterial and fire resistant.

In Holland we produce 2,2 million kilos of this highly versatile fleece. Sadly, almost all of it is exported elsewhere. As a result, we have lost the craft and knowledge of wool and its applications. What if we could find a sustainable way to utilize wool?

We believe that to be possible. Our way of doing so? Reintroducing wool production in Holland on a small scale.

Our yarn

So, we started making our own Dutch wool and mohair yarn. Synthetic alternatives are simply no match for the valuable properties of these two ancient materials. Our Merino Sheep’s fleece’s soft and elastic fibers breathe. They cool in summer and protect in winter, resist bacteria as well as flames, and can last a lifetime. The Mohair from our Angora goats has similar qualities plus an extra lightness and beautiful shine.