The Knitwit Stable X Plectere Acoustic Textile in 100% Dutch Wool

Almost all the wool that we use in the Netherlands originates from Australia, New Zealand or South America. Most of the time there is no clear view of the origin of the wool and animal welfare. Until recently most of the Dutch wool was exported to China, but due to the rising transport costs, this has become too expensive. The farmers no longer know what to do with the wool; it is cheaper to throw it away than to have it processed. Unbelievable, because Dutch sheep produce about one and a half million kilos of wool every year.

The Knitwit Stable has teamed up with sheep grazing company the Wassum and Plectere to change that. We believe that sustainable processing and production of Dutch wool is possible.

We collect the Dutch wool needed for the felt from sheep grazing company the Wassum. Because there is no wool processing industry in the Netherlands, the wool is washed in Belgium and felted in Italy. Back in the workshop in Amsterdam Petra Vonk studio braid the felt by hand into the Plectere panels.

We introduced Plectere made from 100% Dutch wool at #DesignDistrict 3/4/5 november at #VanNelleFabriek