The Knitwit Stable x Joe Merino

The Knitwit Stable x Joe Merino present a unique limited edition sweater made from Dutch wool: the Jan Merino. The sweater is the result of a cooperation between The Knitwit Stable and Joe Merino, a Dutch men’s fashion brand that’s been creating the perfect merino wool basics collection since 2011. Made from 80% Dutch wool and 20% alpaca, the Jan Merino is comfortable and warm, perfect to protect you against the cold Dutch winter. It can be ordered now on the Joe Merino website.

Dutch wool

With synthetic fibers and fast fashion on the rise since the late 80’s, Dutch farmers haven’t been able to maintain wool manufacturing as a viable industry. This led to an almost complete disappearance of Dutch wool industry.

The Knitwit Stable wants to reintroduce Dutch wool production and processing in a sustainable way, simply because of its amazing natural properties. Wool is strong, easily recyclable, and entirely biodegradable.

About Joe Merino

Joe Merino is constantly looking for ways to further improve the brand’s sustainability, be it in relation to animal welfare, working conditions, reducing the use of water and chemicals, or transportation. They don’t work with seasonal collections and stress the importance of choosing quality and good garment care to extend a piece’s lifetime. Besides sweaters Joe Merino also makes socks, cardigans, shirts, and even their own Joe Jacket. Key words in the process of every new creation are refined, luxury, quality, sustainable, colorful, and fairly priced. The brand is aimed at men who appreciate stylish simplicity.

The Knitwit Stable

The Knitwit Stable is a farm and knitting studio in Baambrugge. Merino sheep and Angora goats happily roam and graze on our 27 acres of pasture. From their fleeces we make 100% sustainable yarn, which we use in our own TREK&TREES collection and share with other designers. Befriended local sheep farmers supply us with beautiful wool from their ‘Texelaar’ sheep. We use this to show industry professionals and others that Dutch wool can be made into a high-end product ; entirely transparent and sustainable. We also experiment with partners from the fashion industry, for instance to make unique pieces such as the Jan Merino.

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