The Knitwit Label

From sheep to shop and goat to garment

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The Knitwit Label

The Knitwit Stable’s brand

With our own brand we make sweaters, cardigans, shawls, and beanies for which we use our own animals’ wool. The brand is our way to put our money where our mouth is: we’re not merely claiming that sustainable Dutch wool production is viable, we’re demonstrating it. Besides our own, we use sheep, alpaca, and mohair wool from like minded Dutch breeders and farmers. The combined materials are made into luxury stylish, sustainable, and fair end products. All this is done to restore wool’s reputation as a natural luxury product that is produced with respect for people, animals, and nature.

Garments from our own sheep

On 11 hectares of meadow our merino sheep and angora goats roam freely. We use their furs in our yarn and simultaneously learn everything about wool quality, proper breeding, terrain management, animal behaviour, and animal welfare first hand! What we learn we immediately apply and share. The more we know, the more transparent we can be about the chain.

As close to home as we can

Because Holland doesn’t have a professional processing industry for wool anymore, we have ours professionally washed and spun into yarn in Europe. At the same time, we constantly look for production facilities closer to home. All because we silently dream about reviving Holland’s entire wool production chain. Wearing our clothes means investing in research, materials, and machines that increase knowledge and awareness about the chain that leads to fair, local wool.

Animal friendly

Taking care of your own animals means we’re in the position to ensure they are treated in the most caring and loving way. We demand the same from all our farming partners. Shearing and processing the wool is done following the official Responsible Wool Standard guidelines. Our washing and dying methods comply with the GOTS certificate, meaning the use of chemicals is reduced to the absolute minimum.


Our production is based on the made-to-order principle. We only start knitting after you place an order. No stock, no waste; the benefits are huge. Your item is ready in 2-4 weeks, and we promise you it will be worth the wait.