Schedule: In consultation with the Knitwit Stable

Number of people: Up to 6

Lecturers: Nathalie Comans, Reina Ovinge

Time:  8:30 to 17:00

Price: € 195.00 per person, including lunch and consumptions



In the Netherlands, there is virtually no production in knitwear anymore. Nowadays Dutch companies import most textiles from China (60%), India(9%) and Bangladesh (8%). This has lead to a huge knowledge gap between design and production.

At the Knitwit Stable, we have built a ‘miniature knitting factory’. We turn things around and start with the basics. The wool, or even better:the animal. The Knitwit Stable started with two angora goats. How should you shear them, and how do you spin the wool? What can you do with the yarn, and also important, what is impossible to do? How does industrial knitting and linking work and what can I do with it?

In a one-day workshop the basics of spinning, knitting and linking are covered, by practicing the production process yourself.. Because you will be placed at the base of the production this will lead to surprising new ideas about your own role in the process.

The workshop gives you a better understanding of the production process, allowing you to communicate more efficiently and get more realistic expectations of production. Leading to more time for creation and innovation!

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