Your sustainable transition

Sustainability starts with transparency in the chain. The better you understand the chain, the better you can make sustainable changes. And that is necessary. Because animal fibers are often shrouded in a blanket of sustainability issues. Think of the CO2 footprint, methane gas emissions, land use and biodiversity, animal welfare, control of shearers, use of chemicals and working conditions.

It can also be done differently, and we show you how

The Knitwit Stable analyzes relevant sustainability issues in your supply chain, implements improvements and a sustainable change strategy, and provides advice on how to clearly and credibly communicate your sustainable transition. We also support you in finding responsible sourcing and connect you with existing suppliers or with the right parties for sourcing new sustainable producers in the supply chain.

We show:

  • That wool can be produced animal-friendly.
  • That you can also be in the Netherlands for the best quality wool.
  • That wool should be affordable from A to Z in the Netherlands.
  • How to reduce the environmental impact of wool.
  • How you can offer transparency and communicate about your woolen products.

Our expertise

  • Knowledge about animal fibers, such as merino, mohair, alpaca, Dutch wool of different breeds and other animal fibers.
  • Insight into the total supply chain of mohair and wool in general.
  • Sustainable processing and production of knitwear and yarns.
  • Information on existing certifications, such as Responsible Wool Standard, Responsible Mohair Standard, Responsible Alpaca standard, BSCI and BEPI.
  • Procurement and implementation of sustainable solutions within the supply chain.
  • Giving lectures and training.
  • Developing a locally made product or yarn from Dutch wool.

Want to know more about what we can do for you? Or are you interested in a consultation? Please contact Reina Ovinge via reina@theknitwitstable.nl for an introductory meeting.