Wash & Care

Did you know that your woolen clothing can last up to 80 years if it is properly cared for? That is why it deserves all the attention and love! We are happy to help teach you how to maintain your clothing, it requires different care than, for example, your cotton clothing.

To wash

Wool has a self-cleaning ability and therefore hardly needs to be washed. Venting is often more than enough. If you want to wash your woolen clothing because it has stains, for example, do this preferably on a wool wash program of 30 degrees with a wool detergent. Wool detergent is milder, foams more so that the wool rubs together less, is pH neutral and does not contain enzymes. These can damage natural fibers. By washing carefully you prevent your garment from shrinking, felting or becoming damaged. If you want to wash it by hand, make sure that the water is not too hot, you use wool detergent in small doses and use little friction. This way your woolen product will remain beautiful for years.

To dry

Dry your woolen clothes lying down on a clean, flat surface.
You let it air dry. To revive mohair's specific hairy quality after washing, we recommend that you put the item in a cold/lukewarm dryer for about 10 minutes.


In your wardrobe
Keep your knitting in good shape by folding it flat instead of hanging it in your wardrobe. Hanging knitwear on a hanger increases the risk of it losing its shape.

Wool is a natural fiber, small balls known as pills may form during use. You can easily remove these pills by gently brushing them with a fabric shaver or simply by scraping it off with your hand. Your clothes will be as good as new again!

Hairy materials
Hairy materials like mohair sheds hair during use. Be careful when wearing mohair items on dark clothing.

When you buy an item from us, we supply you with a piece of matching thread for minor repairs. For example, if you have a hole in your sock, we have made a video in which we explain how to darn your socks. If repairing your garment does not work, or there is something different with your garment, you can of course also return it to us for repair.

Complete the circle

When you no longer use your wool garment, give it to someone else, sell it or send it back to us for recycling.

If your woolen items are completely worn out, you can have your woolen item composted. This is only possible if your item is made of 100% wool that is undyed. When wool is broken down underground, it releases all its nutrients, keeps the soil moist due to its moisture-regulating capacity and is also good for the growth of your plants!