The Knitwit Stable?

The Knitwit Stable is Reina Ovinge's farm with a knitting studio. After working as a buyer and producer for 20 years, she decided after a visit to China in 2013 that it was time to make a positive contribution to the fashion world. During her career, Reina had only seen the industry get bigger, faster, cheaper and more unreasonable. The effort, labor and pollution required for a cardigan that eventually hangs in a shop for € 19.95 is often invisible. The current system that hides behind our clothing is clearly outdated and causes great damage to people, animals and the environment. Reina is convinced that creating insight and transparency is a step towards a more sustainable fashion production model. She does this at her own farm and knitting workshop, where the entire wool production chain is exposed. The Knitwit Stable advises , informs and facilitates companies and fashion professionals in this way. From animal-friendly livestock farming, via sustainable production and processing of the materials, to advice on supply chains and communication; everything is covered in, for example , training courses and lectures. The Knitwit Stable also enters into collaborations with other companies, makers and designers.

Research in places such as South Africa and Italy yielded a great deal of knowledge about the production and processing of sustainable mohair and Dutch wool. Reina now breeds angora goats and merino sheep herself. Partly from their fleeces, The Knitwit Stable makes sustainable yarns and end products from wool on various knitting machines in the studio . In this way, Reina and her colleagues make the path to sustainable wool accessible and transparent, and this versatile renewable material once again receives the appreciation it deserves.


Since 2019 I have enjoyed working at The Knitwit Stable; a unique place where I feel at home and where many of my interests come together. Nature, the animals, sustainable entrepreneurship and my creativity. If you take part in the master class with us, I will help you on your way behind the knitting machine. If you order a sweater from our label , I will make it for you with love. For my own label I design and make soft colorful products; modern knitwear with motifs and structures from nature that I translate into designs and process on the knitting machine.


Loeki Knippenberg started working here after her internship in the Textiles course at Sint Lucas. In addition to this training, she worked at a goat farm. If textiles and goats are your greatest passions, what better place to pursue these interests than at The Knitwit Stable?! Loeki currently works at The Knitwit Stable as an M1Plus programmer and technical knitter on our Stoll machines. This role also involves production planning, finishing and a lot more. Loeki has refocused her passion from goats to sheep and during the weekend she works as a shepherd at De Wassum close to her home in Roermond. And The Knitwit Stable gets its wool from these sheep again!


Mirte Luijmes first studied Fashion Design at the HKU and found textiles and knitting interesting to explore further. After this she did a master's degree in Textile Design at The Swedish School of Textiles, focusing on knitting techniques. In her own work she focuses on combining natural organisms and textiles. Sustainability and consciously choosing clothing are important to her and she therefore wants to work for a company she can support. At The Knitwit Stable she links sweaters together, gives master classes on the Brother knitting machines and started as a technical knitter on the Stoll machines. She also monitors the quality of our products.


Leila Gordon is a production associate at The Knitwit Stable. She is from the United States and graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts with a Bachelor in Fashion Design. She advocates for the implementation of more regenerative, holistic and sustainable practices within the apparel industry. Leila works with natural fibers, natural dyes and ethical techniques in her own designs. At The Knitwit Stable she helps with garment production, including linking, sewing and finishing knits by hand.


Cees originally joined The Knitwit Stable to help Reina take care of the animals . Slowly he started doing more and more for us and he also became interested in the different processes on the farm. Cees is now simply part of the Knitwit family.