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The Knitwit Stable 

Masterclass vanuit ons Kenniscentrum The Knitwit Stable

Een nieuwe trui is vaak snel gekocht. Maar welke wereld gaat er schuil achter jouw wollen trui? Op onze boerderij met breistudio laten we je tijdens de Masterclass ‘De wereld achter een trui’ kennis maken met het maakproces van jouw wollen trui. Na deze masterclass weet je alle ins en outs over de gang van zaken in de mode-industrie, de wolindustrie en hoe een trui gemaakt wordt. En vooral ook waar je zelf op kan letten bij de aankoop van een trui.

Naast bovenstaande ga je in de middag ook zelf aan de slag. Je krijgt uitleg en instructies om een muts te breien op een Brother handbreimachine. Dit onderdeel duurt tot vier uur. Je gaat naar huis met een zelfgebreide muts van Hollandse garen.
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The Knitwit Label

The Knitwit Stable Label

With our own brand, The Knitwit Label, we create sweaters, cardigans, shawls, and hats from wool using our own animals as a basis. With our label, we practice what we preach: not only do we provide insight into how to create a transparent, sustainable product with wool, but we also demonstrate it.

The KnitWit Stable label

With our own brand The Knitwit Label we make sweaters, cardigans, shawls and hats of wool with our own animal as a basis. With our label we add the deed to the word: we not only give insight and how you can make a transparent, sustainable product with wool, but we also show it. In addition to our own wool, we also collect sheep, alpaca and mohair wool from fellow breeders and with Dutch sheep farmers that we visit personally. With this sustainably manufactured wool we make a stylish, local, durable and transparent end product with a fair price. In this way we give wool the value that it deserves: a natural luxury product that has been produced with respect for people, animals and the environment.

Clothing of own sheep
On 11 hectares of land we have eighteen merino sheep and fifteen angorage kons freely. We use the coats of our animals as the basis for our yarns. In this way we learn everything about the wool quality, precisely breeding management, good landscape management, animal behavior and animal welfare. This ensures that we can apply our knowledge directly. And that we too can be transparent in our process from sourcing to end product.

As close as possible to home
Because in the Netherlands there is no longer a professional wool processing industry, we collect the wool and let it professionally wash it and spin to yarn in Italy. We are constantly looking for production options closer to home with the silent ambition to return the entire chain on a small professional scale. By wearing this item you invest in research, material and machines for knowledge transfer and awareness in the chain of honest, local wool.

Animal -friendliness
We keep our sheep ourselves and ensure that they are treated with the greatest care and love. We also see to this with the farmers with whom we work. We do the shaving and processing of wool according to the official guidelines as drawn up by The Responsible Wool Standard. Washing and painting our wool is GOTS certified. This means that the use of harmful chemicals has been reduced to a minimum.

We work according to the made-to-order principle. This means that we will only start producing your item after your order. In this way we prevent unnecessary stock and waste. Due to this way of working, the delivery time varies of 2-4 weeks. But we promise you: it is worth the wait.