What is the Knitwit Stable ?

The Knitwit Stable is a farm with an in-house knitting studio in Baambrugge. Our mission: make transparency possible in every link in the wool chain and bring the manufacturing of wool back again to the Netherlands on a small scale. We do this by making our own label “TREK & TREES”, by giving masterclasses and lectures, and in collaborations with like-minded and innovative professionals in the industry. We pay attention to the entire wool chain: from keeping sheep and goats animal-friendly into the complete processing of their wool into a fair end product.

The Knitwit Stable

The Knitwit Stable x Joe Merino present a unique limited edition sweater made from Dutch wool: the Jan Merino. The sweater is the result of a cooperation between The Knitwit Stable and Joe Merino, a Dutch men’s fashion brand that’s been creating the perfect merino wool basics collection since 2011. Made from 80% Dutch wool and 20% alpaca, the Jan Merino is comfortable and warm, perfect to protect you against the cold Dutch winter. It can be
ordered now on the Joe Merino website.

Wool is an exceptional material. It’s strong, easily recyclable and completely biodegradable. However, with the arrival of fast fashion and a growing demand for mass production, it is usually made and processed in a way that harms animals, people, and the planet.


The Knitwit Stable aims to make transparency possible on a small scale in every link in the wool chain. From keeping Merino sheep and Angora goats in an animal-friendly way and the sustainable re-use of existing Dutch wool, to processing it and making it into a local, fairly produced garment. We share this knowledge with professionals in the fashion industry: from students and teachers to designers and  product developers. In doing so, we want to give future designers access to sustainable, innovative applications of wool. This will enable them to make well-informed, conscious choices when using wool in their work. There are fifteen manual knitting machines in our knitting workshop, five of which are industrial. On these machines, we give demonstrations to fashion professionals and provide insight into the complete processing of wool into a fair end product.

Farm and knitting workshop in Baambrugge

The Knitwit Stable is a farm with a knitting studio in Baambrugge.  Free-range Merino sheep and Angora goats are living on our eleven-hectare grounds. We use the coats of our animals for our yarns. Designers willing to work with fair wool can purchase these yarns from us. We get the wool of Dutch Texel sheep from local farmers and sheep farmers. With this wool we study sustainable applications, with the ambition that this will enable us to retain the use of existing Dutch wool within our borders.

 We keep our promise

With our own label, Trek&Trees, we make sweaters, cardigans, shawls and caps from the Merino and mohair wool of our animals. Thus, we close the chain and show in practice what we want to impart on new generations: the processing of fair wool into a sustainable, locally made and fairly priced end product. In this way, we give back to the wool the value it deserves: a natural luxury product, produced with respect for human, animal and nature.