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Newsletter November 2023

Nieuwsbrief november 2023

Gifts for the holidays

Dutch sheep wool socks for the holidays

Sleeping sock Guus

No more cold feet! The ideal gift are these wonderfully warm Guus sleeping socks. Our merino wool socks are sure to keep your feet nice and warm during cold winter nights. With ribbed details for a good fit, these socks have excellent moisture and temperature regulating properties. It is recommended to use the Guus as sleeping socks.

With winter and the holidays approaching, this is the perfect gift to keep your feet warm. In addition to the Guus, we also have the thicker Sjors sock, made from coarser Dutch sheep's wool. Something for everyone. If you order them this week, we will start knitting immediately and make sure you have them for Sinterklaas!

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Curl up under the lovely Aukje plaid

This wonderfully warm, soft and luxurious plaid is made from mohair wool from adult Angora goats. Mohair products are generally made from the wool of the young goat, but it would of course be a shame to only use our young animals and not use the beautiful wool that the adult goats give us.
We are very happy that with these plaids we have a good destination for our adult mohair, which has a somewhat coarser structure than young mohair and is still soft and warm. Plaid Aukje is in stock in off-white and we can send it to you immediately.
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Cushion with filling of Kempisch Heideschaap

Cushion with filling of Kempisch Heideschaap
With the pillows from The Knitwit Stable you sleep honestly, locally and socially. We always do this with an eye for ecology, animal friendliness and local talent. This pillow is packed with soft wool from the Kempisch Heideschaap. The sheep of the 'de Wassum' grazing company largely graze on protected heathland areas in the Netherlands, which helps keep the landscape fertile. The sheep are professionally sheared every year. We use this wool to make high-quality products for daily use. The cushions are stitched by custom partner Lidwina, in this way we help build an inclusive society. This contributes to a healthy night's sleep!
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Come and have a fitting on one of the fitting mornings

Our fitting mornings are the perfect time to see, feel and try on the fine sweaters, cardigans, spencers and accessories. You can also take a look at our farm and meet the animals and see the mini factory in action. After trying it on, you can order your favorite item and tailor it to your wishes. Your sweater or cardigan is truly tailor-made. This means that we only start producing your item after you have placed your order. In this way we prevent unnecessary stock and waste. Due to this way of working, the delivery time varies from 2-4 weeks. But we promise: it's worth the wait

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The next fitting days are on:

Saturday, November 11, 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Saturday, November 18, 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM

See the video below.

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